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Your very own Hometown Heating and Air company, Colts Cooling delivers excellence to its customers in the surrounding communities. 

Our technicians are factory trained bring a collective expertise to the table, solidifying our place as regional leaders in all things HVAC.

Air Conditioning
Businesses here in Lewisville depend on the performance of their air conditioning systems, as do residences throughout the area. Maintaining your A/C in its original working order, year after year, demands preventive maintenance, minor repairs, and attention to operational changes as well. Trust Colts Cooling, your hometown HVAC here and Lewisville and surrounding suburbs—we can keep your system in good working order!

We can install, service, and repair heating and fuel systems of most sizes and brands. The ability to do so is an essential demand of today’s building systems. To keep your home or building healthy, the big picture must be understood, and our technicians are skilled in that task. We will make sure you’re warm and healthy, whatever the temperature outside.


Heating, Ventalating and Air Conditioning 
An efficiently run commercial ventilation system lets you to use less energy while allowing for more comfort in every part of your facility or office. At Colt Cooling, we also use the latest indoor air quality equipment in order to alert homeowners and business owners to possible air quality concerns before they can become a hazard. This way, you will know when it’s time for duct cleaning or equipment replacement.